XAN® 220

The new FISCHERSCOPE X-RAY XAN 220 is a modern X-Ray fluorescence measuring instrument for coating thickness measurement and material analysis.

The XAN 220 is optimized for fast, non-destructive analysis of jewelry, precious metals, dental alloys, yellow and white gold, platinum, silver, rhodium and all jewelry alloys and coatings. Used properly, the XAN 220 can deliver comparable results as cupellation without destroying the sample.

Long-term stability and outstanding precision – e.g. for XAN 220 better than 0.5 ‰ for gold – are benefits of the x-ray instrument. This significantly reduces the necessity for re-calibration, thus saving time, effort and cost of ownership. The measured results are immediately displayed and can be easily printed as a report. Operation is safe and easy – for experienced staff as well as for employees with little training.

There is no need for a special laboratory room for operating the instruments. The instrument fulfill DIN ISO 3497 and ASTM B 568.

XAN 220 Facts

  • Analysis instrument, optimized for non-destructive analysis of jewelry, coins, gold and precious metals.
  • Fixed aperture (collimator) and fixed primary filter
  • Element range: Chlorine (17) to Uranium U (92), up to 24 elements simultaneously
  • Measured results are displayed e.g. in karat, ‰ or weight %